The Power of Podcasting

Image via Paper Magazine
The Serial addiction is very real. (Image via PAPERMAG)

The breakthrough podcast series Serial from This American Life broke iTunes downloads records in 2014 and, almost one year later, still averages around 1 million downloads a month. The podcast industry is on the rise, which means marketers should pay attention to the many opportunities that podcasting presents.

The podcast consumer

Who listens to podcasts? According to Edison Research, the average podcast listener frequently uses social media, follows brands on social networking sites, and owns a smartphone. This audience is highly educated and affluent–an attractive demographic for advertisers. View the report on SlideShare below:

Serial success story

A prime example of successful podcast advertising is the email marketing service provider MailChimp’s viral ad before each Serial episode. (Mail-Kimp, anyone?) The brilliant commercial featuring a girl who incorrectly pronounces the company name resulted in a flood of social media mentions, and the domain purchase of

All podcasts considered

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Podcast listeners, downloads, and awareness levels continue to increase. Interested in improving your commute to work or class? Below are some of my favorite podcasts that keep me entertained while I patiently wait for Serial season 2.

For the music lover… Music Popcast and All Songs Considered

For the tech nerd… Crunch Report

For the fashionista… Oh Boy by Man Repeller

Lastly, for the infovore… Fresh Air